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Digital Communications Network (APCOS®4000) for Submarines

Communication systems and submarine antennas play a vital role in a submarines integrated weapon system. Especially the demand for more bandwidth, switching capabilities and large-scale integration is increasing next to classic voice communication and data links.
Providing submarines with appropriate communication and navigation equipment has never been an easy task. Submarines should be able to receive acknowledgement orders by radio, but should not jeopardise their greatest advantage – covertness – by extending antennas above the sea surface for long periods of time.



The Integrated Communications System APCOS4000, a hybrid routing and switching communications platform that is suitable for virtually all warship applications, supports all communication network requirements, including:

  • tactical voice communications
  • internal communications
  • external communications with existing and future radio systems
  • voice, data, control signal routing and switching
  • IP routing
  • computer-to-computer communication
  • administrative communication services


In addition, the submarine market needs an advanced antenna concept that provides the necessary communication capabilities, such as:

The Multifunctional Submarine Antenna

The multifunctional submarine antennas, e.g. AEROMARITME`s AT Series 4000 and future 6000, are designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions and limited space availability found in submarines. This is achieved by utilising a unique stack array enclosed within a protecting fibreglass dome. The antennas are designed for omni-directional transmission and reception of signals for communications, navigation and electronic support measure applications. Due to their universal mechanical and electrical characteristics, the antennas also fulfil the requirements of surface vessels and coastal installations.


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