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Military Message Handling System (SAMMS 7)

Product portfolio Samms 7

  • ACP127/128 message system
    • Extensions of the ACPx standard
  • STANAG 4406 Military messaging
    • Landline, SatCom: X.400 P1 (P772)
    • HF, V/UHF, SatCom: annex E (ACP142)
  • STANAG 5066 Communications suite
    • Protocol stack (up to 4 running in parallel, virtualisation possible)
    • Clients (IP, email, ACPx, T.37 fax)
    • Configuration and control GUI
  • User agents
    • Common User Agent (CUA)
    • User agents for ACPx, STANAG 4406, email
  • Message distribution and routing
  • Message scheduling
  • Drafter and releaser process
  • General MMHS configuration tool
  • Gateways
    • ST4406 / XML
    • ST4406 / ACPx (ST4406 annex D)
  • Certificate handling
  • Message signing and encryption
  • Email, HF operator chat, XMPP
  • ADat-P3, OTH-Gold
  • ACP145
SAMMS 7 User Terminal – Screen View (Example)
*)  Added value to Message and Features by AEROMARITIME:

Delivery notification

  • Receipt notification
  • Priorities
  • Deferred delivery
  • Multiple formats
  • Voice, data, attachments
  • Reliable transmission
  • Data compression
  • Multiple paths selection
  • Error correction
  • Multicast
  • EMCON (emission control)
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Shared HF radio
  • Multiple gateways
  • Message routing
  • Message scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Multiple languages

SSecure Automatic Military Messaging System for convenient, menu-driven ACP 127 message processing, including automatic message routing and distribution.
SAMMS is available as a stand-alone terminal or as a LAN network of workstations and can be integrated into the Communications System Managing System COSYMA.
SAMMS offers handling of virtually unlimited external communication lines, crypto control, and ADat-P3 or OTH Gold support. Latest installation at the UMAC Bahrain GCC combined Naval Operation Centre managing all GCC SAMMS Network Communications.

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