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Military Message Handling System (SAMMS 8)

Product portfolio Samms 8

AEROMARITIME is pleased to announce commencement of development of the secure military messaging system SAMMS.

SAMMS 8 is successor to AEROMARITIME´s SAMMS 7, which has been successfully in service over the last decades linking ships, naval operation centres and naval bases of all major GCC naval forces to the full satisfaction of the user.


SAMMS 8 offers:
  • a modern, web-based platform that can be used both in English and Arabic languages, including attachments. The platform has a modern look and feel with a simplified interface while maintaining all the rich military messaging elements of service.
  • support for multiple browser platforms (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.)
  • a single web-server that can serve thousands of browser clients (up to 10,000 users)
  • a messaging system that works for the entire armed forces allowing more connectivity between all forces within the same country, GCC countries or abroad
  • reduced administration and maintenance by using standard, non-military software at COTS prices

To see the capabilities of SAMMS 8, please request the Video-Link via contact us.