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Radio Frequency Distribution Unit (RFDU)

The software controlled Radio/Antenna-Switching Matrix (R/A-SM 9000) automatically combines transceivers and receivers with active and passive antennas in the frequency range of 2 to 500 MHz and an optional capability of GPS & GALILEO.

The R/A-Switching Matrix basically consists of a Receive- (RXDU) and a Transmit- (TXDU) Distribution Unit. The number of inputs and outputs can be freely determined.

The R/A-Switching Matrix is designed for applications in shops ranging in size from submarines to frigates and copes with RF signals of up to 500W CW (1kW peak). The RXDU & TXDU units can be individually used and remotely controlled via Ethernet interface.

Transceiver Distribution Unit (TXDU)

The key function of the TXDU is to connect transceivers to antennas. As a secondary function the system can be connected to auxiliary outputs and inputs.

Receive Distribution Unit (RXDU)

The RXDU distributes RF signals from the receive (RX) antennas and external inputs to the receivers and to several auxiliary outputs.

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