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Mobile Communication Station (Container)

Mobile reference facilities – Integrated Communication System (ICS) in containers are used:

  • To train administrators/ repairers/ maintainers and operators.
  • To analyze Integrated Communication System errors that have occurred on board ships.
  • As a test environment for the integration of new software and hardware into the Integrated Communication System.
  • As a counter station in the context of the verification of the Integrated Communication System of the 
Reference system - Information Transmission System 
in 20 feet container (example)

Mobile Radio Monitoring and Recording System (Shelter)

The purpose of the mobile radio monitoring and recording systems is to search, detect and record signals of interest in different frequency ranges such as VLF/HF/VHF/UHF. In doing so, the radio monitoring and recording subsystems are designed to achieve a high degree of mobility and a high probability of interception.

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