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Identification Friend-Foe (IFF)

The IFF Interrogator / Transponder System provides the means of positively identifying other platforms that are equipped with an MK 12 / Mode S compatible transponder, and provides own identity automatically to other suitably equipped platforms within the operational range of the system.
The system conforms to the relevant requirements of ICAO Annex 10, Vol IV and STANAG 4193, Part 1, Edition 2. It is thus compatible with all other IFF and SSR systems meeting those requirements. The major equipment items are in service with all NATO navies and have been qualified to withstand warship environment. All other component units are also designed to meet these requirements.

Nearly all IFF system functions are controlled by the associated combat control system. The only functions controlled from an IFF system control box are the provision of main power to the system, the tell-back that the system is powered up and certain functions concerned with the GFE cryptographic computers.


The system is made ready for a secure mode of operation. All that is necessary is the insertion of the appropriate CFE cryptographic computers into the secure housing supplied. All cabling and necessary controls form part of the offered system. The system is also supplied with Mode S facilities, the transponder to Level 2 (which can be upgraded to 
Level 4).

However, to make full use of these facilities will require Data Handling capabilities external to the offered IFF/SSR System in order to initiate / receive the necessary digital communication messages as with the latest installation in Greece.

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