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Digital Communications Network (APCOS 4000) for Naval Ships

Modern communications systems play a decisive role in innovative naval vessel concepts in that they execute a broad range of naval tasks.

The tactical communications systems of naval vessels normally consist of a digital communications network that, in addition to providing half-duplex and duplex intercom system functionality, also deliver the corresponding network functionalities in the field of communications.

APCOS®4000, a hybrid routing and switching communications platform, was developed by AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH to centralise internal and external communication activities and to enable easy access to internal sub-systems by means of a communications management system connecting different vessel areas.

Deploying APCOS®4000 (Advanced Platform Communications System) increases vessel protection and effectiveness against asymmetric threats through information superiority achieved by a fast broadband data transfer and a future-oriented 10 GBit/s-Ethernet backbone, into which new, IP-based telecommunication systems can be easily integrated in the future.

APCOS®4000 also has the advantage over purely IP-based systems in that it uses a deterministic transmission method for time-critical and safety-relevant signals.

APCOS®4000 achieves the separation of classified (red) and open (black) information consistently required on vessels. The telecommunication devices are connected via the shortest possible route by copper cable, the signals are digitalised and then connected with the switching unit via light wave conductor cable.

Requirements within the scope of the intensive use concept after long-term availability and a service life of up to two years in the field of application are supported by the high, technical reliability of the digital communications network (99.52%), low maintenance and a long operating life. In addition, APCOS®4000 has an above-average level of redundancy. APCOS®4000 thus has the ability to set up new connection paths in the case of a data ring interruption so that communication can be maintained.

APCOS®4000, with all its technical features, contributes to combining the coordinated and required capabilities into an overall design.


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