Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 16, D-85375 Neufahrn b. Freising, Germany


COSYMA is the control centre for APCOS®4000, consisting of a comprehensive and versatile application software that includes the following components:

  • Communications Network Control (CNC)
  • Radio & Device Control (RDC)
  • Secure Automatic Military Message Handling System (SAMMS)
  • The COSYMA subsystem includes a server and a number of workstations which provide overall system and network management, including full control of all major radio equipment, modems and ancillary equipment, as well as message handling. The Communications Network Control (CNC) component of COSYMA provides the following functions for the control of the APCOS® 4000 system:
  • Administration
  • Application specific configuration of the system, i.e. topology, routing
  • Monitoring of operational status
  • Event management
  • Logging of system events such as alarms, information and error messages
  • Functional checks of components on different system levels
  • Planning and control of assignments
  • Control of access rights to established or planned links
  • Frequency and antenna management, propagation prediction
  • Link control
  • Control of allocation, activation and deactivation of communications links
  • Traffic supervision
  • Control and visualisation of traffic status and allocated communications links
  • Comprehensive help
  • Complete help database
  • Context help menu

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