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AEROMARITIME’s proven Advanced Platform Communications System APCOS® 4000 is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for tactical and strategic digital communications networks. APCOS®4000 is a hybrid routing and switching communications platform suitable for virtually all military communications requirements. APCOS®4000 supports all communications network requirements, such as in our latest installation of the F125 German Frigate program:

  • Tactical voice communication
  • Internal voice communication
  • External communications with existing and future radio systems (e.g. JTRS)
  • Voice, data, control signal routing and switching
  • IP routing, voice over IP
  • Computer-to-computer communications
  • Administrative communication services
  • Strict separation of classified and unclassified information to ensure IT Security

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The APCOS®4000 consists of
  • Network Nodes  
    • for switching and conferencing
    • interconnected via redundant ATM network links
    • connected to Terminal Adapters (TA) via unified digital interfaces
  • Terminal Adapters (TA) for the Adaption of the external Terminals
  • Voice & Control Terminals (VCT)

The Nodes of the system are interconnected by a dual FOC ring to guarantee a maximum of survivability in case of cable breaks or Node faults to the system.