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Multifunctional Submarine Antenna

The multifunctional antennas are designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions and limited space availability found on submarines. This is achieved by utilizing a unique stack array enclosed within a protecting fibre glass dome.
The antenna characteristics has been developed in such a way so that aircrafts can also operate in the airspace for data and voice communications next to ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore communications. In this way aircrafts e.g. AWACS act as relay stations to transfer radio signals. Although the dipole of the lizard has a primarily plane oriented radiation characteristic – up until an elevation angle of 60 degrees-, submarines can still track aircrafts up to an elevation angle of 90 degree. This guarantees complete coverage of the surrounding airspace in 360 degree horizontal level as well as in 180 degree vertical level.
With this outstanding multifunction antenna capability Aeromaritime significantly extends the military communications for submarines by offering this unique capability.



Combined antenna system for the VHF, UHF, IFF, GPS and INMARSAT-C (optional HF-Rx, Link 16 and IRIDIUM) frequency ranges for mobile applications with limited space availability, uniquely designed for submarines.


This antenna includes UHF-SATCOM and VHF/ GPS/ GSM/ IFF functionality. It is especially designed to increase the communications capability on vessels and submarines which are limited in number of mast or space. The AT-6000 antenna finds its utilization also in re-fit programs.
The antennas are designed for omni-directional transmission and UHF-SATCOM
  • Full duplex UHF SATCOM DAMA operation
  • Full duplex VHF operation, LOS
  • Full duplex UHF operation, LOS
  • Market launch soon!IFF transponder operation
  • GNSS (Galileo, GPS) operation
  • INMARSAT-C transmission and reception
  • Iridium SAT-Phone

The antennas are designed for omni-directional transmission and reception of signals for communications, navigation and electronic support measurement applications.


Special Antenna


Special UHF antenna with radiation pattern suitable for full duplex FLEET-SATCOM operation including DAMA mode. The AT-5000 is designed for submarine or surface ship applications.

Due to its universal mechanical and electrical characteristics the antennas also satisfies the requirements of surface vessels and coastal installations
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