Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 16, D-85375 Neufahrn b. Freising, Germany

AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH is a global supplier of customised naval communications systems for surface ships, submarines and shore stations.

Its mission is to be one of the world’s leading providers of integrated military communications systems and related services. AEROMARITIME draws on knowledge gained over decades to differentiate its products, services and technical solutions. AEROMARITIME strives to develop the most creative, innovative and cost-effective system solutions for the world’s navies. The company was founded in Munich in 1971 and is privately owned. AEROMARITIME is located in the Munich-Neufahrn industrial park and benefits from the most dynamic economic region in Europe.

Scope for creativity - and a constantly growing range of system solutions for our customers

AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH supplies over 45 navies worldwide, including NATO and its partner countries. AEROMARITIME can draw on a unique combination of experience and know-how.

Our customers are worldwide navies, military procurement agencies (MoDs) and shipyards, for which we receive export licences from the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).

To meet the increasing environmental requirements in public tenders, Aeromaritime joined the government’s environmental pact in 2018. After successful certification in the EN ISO14001-2015 environmental standard, both the material selection in the products (REACH & RoHS) and the process criteria with production methods were adjusted accordingly.

AEROMARITIME has a broad understanding of compliance: compliance with the law and internal regulations is a must for us and part of our company culture.

Compliance creates the framework for our business actions and serves to safeguard our long-term business success. A written code of values provides the basis for our decisions.

Through our compliance commitment the Executive Board takes a firm stance, rejecting compliance violations of all kinds. This unequivocal commitment is supported by a code of conduct and various Policies, in particular in the core compliance areas anticorruption, antitrust law, data protection, anti-money laundering, and trade compliance.


2023 Code of Conduct Aeromaritime English

2023 Code of Conduct Aeromaritime Deutsch

2023 Supplier Code of Conduct English

2023 Supplier Code of Conduct Deutsch


Aeromaritime stands for a trustful cooperation with worldwide naval shipyards and proven experience in working with international product suppliers. Its communication systems are designed according to the customer’s specific requirements. The scope of system activities includes design, development, manufacturing and testing. In addition, documentation, training, integrated & technical logistic support are an integral part of our services.

Company philosophy

We accept and agree…

  • … that we offer the best possible solutions, with innovation and know-how
  • … 
that our goal is to improve and secure the naval communication tasks

  • … that we offer a 48-hour, on-site service to our customers worldwide
  • … 
that we are tolerant and understanding towards other cultures



We are an outstanding, reliable partner for the world’s navies in developing and creating innovative and practical communication solutions. AEROMARITIME develops, manufactures and integrates, distributes and sells communication solutions, products and turnkey systems that combine mature know-how and proven technology.  Our goal is to ensure the communication capabilities of the world’s navies in the execution of their missions.

Factors for SucCess

The following success factors form the basis for continued customer satisfaction:

  • Industry leadership in the unique range of customized solutions of naval communications systems 
  and equipment designed for safe operation and optimal handling by operators.
  • Core competencies in multifunctional submarine antennas and digital switching systems.
  • Customer-focused sales, technical support and service.
  • Industry leader in development, manufacturing and assembly


company's development of AERoMARitiME

Basic Idea

The system idea in the direction of 19″ equipment rack technology as well as matrix-controlled devices was to reduce the space that individual devices and their cabling sometimes require to a minimum and at the same time centralise control of the devices.


Founding of AEROMARITIME Systembau GmbH, headquartered at Kirchenstraße 12 in Munich. Distribution (import and export) of US American electronic components. At the same time development of a radio matrix (Manual Switching Matrix) for radio communications systems with 20 employees.


Completion of an IFF system development with subsequent integration into Class 206 submarines. Market introduction of VHF/UHF/IFF multi-range antennas for submarines. Relocation to Moosacherstr. 51 in Munich. Founding of the AEROMARITIME representation in Paris. The number of employees increased to 50.


Growing market for internal / external radio communication systems with relay switching and electronic control. The high demand required relocation to Hanauerstr.105 in Munich. Extension of the product portfolio by market entry into communication systems for telephone monitoring shelters (mobile land stations).


Further development of integrated communication systems and system control to ASYM 3000A with ISDN/Digital Speech technology, which required creating a software development department in Chemnitz.


Expansion of the radio control systems functionality to “Service Oriented Network” of the Advanced Platform Communication System APCOS 4000. Move to own building in the Munich-Neufahrn industrial park. Functionality extension of the multi-

C. Increasing sales figures led to market leadership for submarine antennas.


Integration of APCOS 4000 systems in various vessel classes such as destroyers, frigates and fast patrol boats of several NATO countries. High workload due to increasing orders resulted in headcount increase to 120 employees. In addition, a further branch office was established in Dubai for market expansion and customer support.


Delivery of Communication Systems for twenty-five Gannatha Class Boats and additional three Falaj and Abu Dhabi class ships for United Arabic Emirates navy.


Delivery of the first of four communications systems for the German Navy’s F125 frigate program.


Completion of system integration of the fourth communications system on the F125 frigate program planned by year-end. 50th company anniversary.


The use of integrated systems technology is now common worldwide due to the limited space available in surface ships and especially in naval submarines.

Michael Schimanski
Aeromaritime Systembau GmbH
International Sales & Business Development Manager

“From the very beginning, the team spirit, the optimism of the employees and the mental freedom to create something new (can-do mentality) were the driving forces behind the 50-year success story that continues to this day. In the international business environment at that time, finding solutions together with the end customer directly was the key to success.”