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FEINDEF May 17th – 19th, 2023 in Madrid, Spain

FEINDEF (Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad) is an international defense and security exhibition, taking place in Madrid for the 2023 exhibition. Functioning as a prominent platform for showcasing the cutting-edge advancements and groundbreaking technologies within the defense industry. The event has a keen focus on addressing and discussing the ever-evolving defense industry. This exceptional event effectively brings together renowned defense firms, distinguished government representatives, military officials, and accomplished specialists from across the globe.

As the attendance of Aeromaritime Systembau for this year’s FEINDEF has come accordingly. One could say the event has been a great success in terms of intervention and engagement. With interactions between many Spanish companies, Aeromaritime got the opportunity to network, establish partnership, and engage in business discussions with a wide array of businesses. Upon interaction with some of the most reputable companies in the nation, the opportunity for partnership was absolute.

In particular, our company is certainly investing into the research of naval antenna systems. As a producer of our own, we look forward to enhancing and catering towards the overall market for our products. Naval antenna systems play a crucial role in naval communication and surveillance systems by ensuring efficient and dependable communication between naval vessels and shore-based stations. From our current AT-4125 submarine antenna, to our APCOS 4000 communications system. Our essential standard is to produce products of the utmost quality.

Additionally, the event provided a prestigious venue for exhibitors to showcase their exceptional goods and services. Innovation was extensively utilized, with countless products in various military and security-related fields having been presented. These businesses focused on critical sectors such as cyberspace, intelligence, land and naval systems, as well as training simulations. Moreover, the event offered an extensive range of conferences, seminars, and panel discussions that delve into key topics to address pertinent challenges.

With a strong focus on educational enrichment and interactive experiences, Aeromaritime eagerly sought to gain valuable knowledge and engage in immersive interactions during the event.