Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 16, D-85375 Neufahrn b. Freising, Germany

August 2022  

Aeromaritime receives a new order of 2 new submarine antennas  

Due to the increased worldwide demand for submarine products of reliable multi-functional submarine antennas once again Aeromaritime announces the supply of two multi-functional antennas AT-4125 with a submarine mast supplier intended for submarines of a German customer. 

This short term supply service (<3month) is possible because of our new experienced personnel in key positions of the
antenna department at Aeromaritime Communication Systems in Neufahrn.

The A-4125 multi-functional antenna is widely used on conventional non-nuclear submarines worldwide where  Aeromaritime holds a dominant position of approximately 75% market share of existing operational submarines in the world. 

Aeromaritime´s future business will be secured also with the new AT-6000 multi-functional antenna which is under development and should be available latest by the end of 2023. 

This order is another step in keeping up our world market leadership position in submarine antennas for conventional submarines and supports us in our efforts to further develop and maintain this position in the future.


13th June  – 06th July 2022 

UAE Navy personnel successfully completed training courses on APCOS 4000 and SAMMS Systems 

A maintenance training course for 5 officers of the UAE Navy was successfully carried out at our main facility in Neufahrn during the period from June 13th until July 06th, 2022. 

In addition to updating their main knowledge in the area of networking, the focus was on the practical maintenance of IT components (servers, switches and routers) of our installed systems on UAE Navy vessels. 

In our highly equipped facilities the participants were trained in the maintenance of the SAMMS and the APCOS 4000 System and covered intensively in the theory and practical applications. 

With fully equipped and completely identical test systems, practical case studies were conducted and run through for

The training was highly praised by the participants and we are looking forward to be hosting the UAE Navy for further training courses again in the not too distant future.  


June 07th 09th, 2022 UDT Underwater Defence Technology Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Aeromaritime participated in the most influential exhibition and conference for underwater defence technology, UDT, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Aeromaritime is part of the leading scientific industrial community in this field and we took the opportunity to strengthen our ties and connections in the international market.

As the world`s leading supplier of submarine communication antennas onboard non-nuclear submarines we presented developments in submarine antennas and integrated communication systems. We thank you all for the great and very interested response.

March 21st – 23rd, 2022 DIMDEX in Doha, Qatar

Aeromaritime took part in one of the most important exhibitions in the Gulf Region and supported our customers and partners in Qatar.

Aeromaritime presented key features and upgrades of our prime product SAMMS 7 for military message handling, Integrated Communication System APCOS and IFF capabilities.

Aeromaritime is the leading supplier in naval communications for the GCC states.