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SEAFUTURE - La Spezia Naval Base 05. – 08. June 2023

The La Spezia naval base, known as SEA FUTURE, is an exclusive venue in Italy. Operated by the Italian Navy (Marina Militare), it holds significant importance as a key military installation for Italy's maritime defense and operations. Nestled on the northern coastline near La Spezia, this naval base primarily serves as a crucial hub for logistical support, maintenance, and repair facilities catering to the Italian fleet. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating naval operations, training programs, administrative functions, and fostering connections among specialized naval companies at prominent networking events.

Aeromaritime Systembau has been among the prominent participants at the event, where our representatives, Jens Wachsmann and Jean-Luc George van Eckhoutte, were in attendance. This annual gathering provided a remarkable platform for our representatives to acquire extensive understanding and comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the naval industry. Moreover, their presence at this exclusive event facilitated the cultivation of valuable networking prospects with numerous other companies operating in the naval domain.

With a custom reaching back to the early 19th century, the naval base boasts a remarkable historical background characterized by a series of transformations and expansions that have mirrored the ever-changing requirements of the Italian Navy. As a result, the event attracts many, with participants of 71 foreign navies and defense procurement delegations who were cordially received and given the opportunity to explore the exhibition stands. This prestigious gathering showcases a diverse array of surface vessels and underwater platforms from the Italian Navy, alongside esteemed national and international shipbuilders and defense corporations.

Overall, the presence of the La Spezia Naval Base has had a notable impact on the local economy and employment opportunities in La Spezia. The base provides a significant number of jobs directly and indirectly related to its operations, supporting the local community.

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Datenblatt TRX 4050 Front Page

NAVDEX 2023 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

AEROMARITIME participated from February 20 – 24 as exhibitor in the first IDEX/NAVDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi after the pandemic. The exhibition is by far the largest and most important defence event in the Middle East and our appearance of great importance for our customers and ASYM business in the region.  The ASYM stand was very well placed in the NAVDEX part in the newly build Marina hall, the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

At the stand our team of experts from 5 nations received visitors from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Far East. For the first time ever we presented our AEROMARITIME ASYM TRX 4050 and received an incredible resonance and interest.

The newly established radio transceiver offers our customers an additional advantage since it is an asset which is easy to integrate into our Advanced Platform Communication System (APCOS 4000) at an excellent cost-performance ratio. The ASYM TRX 4050 has an outstanding sensitivity and cositing performance and is low in power consumption.  The ASYM TRX 4050 brings us closer to our goal to ensure the communication capabilities of the world´s navies in the execution of their missions.

To highlight its performance the transceiver was shown integrated into an actual APCOS rack with two Voice Control Terminals (VCT) and the full function could be demonstrated. In addition two racks with our SAMMS message handling system were exhibited and simulating two ships/stations its superior performance shown to an interested audience at many occasions.

The AEROMARITIME management and sales team likes to thank everyone involved, especially our colleagues in Neufahrn for preparing the systems, who made this success possible. We intensified our relationships with customers in the region, gained many new contacts and laid the foundation for a large scale co-operation with a European partner. We are grateful for the reception we received from all our visitors at NAVDEX 2023.




Training Fair 2022

On Thursday, 17th November 2022, we took part in the training fair 2022 of the communities of Neufahrn and Eching in the community center in Eching. This event took place for the first time this year and offered us a wonderful opportunity to get prospective trainees enthusiastic about Aeromaritime Systembau. The training fair was attended by students from the Realschule and Mittelschule in Eching and Neufahrn, as well as from the Neufahrn Gymnasium (high school). We had a lot of visitors and were very happy about the many curious students and their qualified and very specific questions. We are very much looking forward to suitable interested parties who we can train to be shaping the future and to become our specialists. 

We have two apprenticeship positions available for 2023:

Apprenticeship as electronics technician (m/f/d) for information and system technology

Apprenticeship as electronics technician (m/f/d) for devices and systems

 Azubis gezielt anwerben: Neufahrn und Eching starten gemeinsame Ausbildungsinitiative (

Informationen für Betriebe vor Ort – Gemeinde Eching


From left: Christine Umlauft, Wadim Grunz (Plant Manager), Jan Molter (Managing Director), Marko Trajkowski
From left: Christine Umlauft, Wadim Grunz (Plant Manager), Jan Molter (Managing Director), Marko Trajkowski


September 2022

Apprentices are our continued existence and our future!

Aeromaritime Systembau is excited to share the news that we, as of this year, are a training company!

With Christine Umlauft and Marko Trajkovski, we are happy to welcome two highly motivated trainees.

Christine is being trained as an electrician for devices and systems and Marko as an electronics technician for information and system technology.

We wish Christine and Marko lots of fun learning and a successful time!



August 2022  

Aeromaritime receives a new order of 2 new submarine antennas  

Due to the increased worldwide demand for submarine products of reliable multi-functional submarine antennas once again Aeromaritime announces the supply of two multi-functional antennas AT-4125 with a submarine mast supplier intended for submarines of a German customer. 

This short term supply service (<3month) is possible because of our new experienced personnel in key positions of the
antenna department at Aeromaritime Communication Systems in Neufahrn.

The A-4125 multi-functional antenna is widely used on conventional non-nuclear submarines worldwide where  Aeromaritime holds a dominant position of approximately 75% market share of existing operational submarines in the world. 

Aeromaritime´s future business will be secured also with the new AT-6000 multi-functional antenna which is under development and should be available latest by the end of 2023. 

This order is another step in keeping up our world market leadership position in submarine antennas for conventional submarines and supports us in our efforts to further develop and maintain this position in the future.


13th June  – 06th July 2022 

UAE Navy personnel successfully completed training courses on APCOS 4000 and SAMMS Systems 

A maintenance training course for 5 officers of the UAE Navy was successfully carried out at our main facility in Neufahrn during the period from June 13th until July 06th, 2022. 

In addition to updating their main knowledge in the area of networking, the focus was on the practical maintenance of IT components (servers, switches and routers) of our installed systems on UAE Navy vessels. 

In our highly equipped facilities the participants were trained in the maintenance of the SAMMS and the APCOS 4000 System and covered intensively in the theory and practical applications. 

With fully equipped and completely identical test systems, practical case studies were conducted and run through for

The training was highly praised by the participants and we are looking forward to be hosting the UAE Navy for further training courses again in the not too distant future.  


June 07th 09th, 2022 UDT Underwater Defence Technology Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Aeromaritime participated in the most influential exhibition and conference for underwater defence technology, UDT, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Aeromaritime is part of the leading scientific industrial community in this field and we took the opportunity to strengthen our ties and connections in the international market.


As the world`s leading supplier of submarine communication antennas onboard non-nuclear submarines we presented developments in submarine antennas and integrated communication systems. We thank you all for the great and very interested response.



March 21st – 23rd, 2022 DIMDEX in Doha, Qatar

Aeromaritime took part in one of the most important exhibitions in the Gulf Region and supported our customers and partners in Qatar.

Aeromaritime presented key features and upgrades of our prime product SAMMS 7 for military message handling, Integrated Communication System APCOS and IFF capabilities.

Aeromaritime is the leading supplier in naval communications for the GCC states.