Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 16, D-85375 Neufahrn b. Freising, Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Dear Business Partners, Dear Friends,

A diamond jubilee. 50 years of AEROMARITIME

We started small and have continuously developed our position as a leading independent system house for naval communication. Like all other journeys, lately we passed ours through turbulent waters and emerged stronger than before. However today, strengthened with outstanding references, we continue to write the success story.

Again we thank you, our customers, for placing your trust in us and thus making the success of Aeromaritime possible. The close contact to you, our customers, the high quality of our communications systems, the innovations and the newly developed products presenting solutions for your maritime communication applications, are Aeromaritime’s firm principles.

In the meantime, we have more than 650 communication systems in use at more than 45 navies worldwide. Impressive figures to be proud of in our anniversary year. However, the numbers are a result but not the reason of our success.

We are convinced that Aeromaritme’s success in the last 50 years is based on the close contact with you, our customer. This is also our promise to you for the next 50 years. The close customer contact, innovative solutions for your naval communication applications, satisfying your operational needs, will remain our main focus for the future.

I wish you a continued good and lasting cooperation with Aeromaritime and thank you very much for your confidence in the last 50 years, today and hopefully also in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Molter